Mission Statement:

We shall continually strive to provide comprehensive product quality assurance by making our standards and systems of evaluation of the highest caliber and uniform standards across a market that the consumers have come to rely upon and trust us for it.

We shall accept no endorsements, advertisements from any of the product lines that we serve and remain totally neutral and consumer-centric.


For Consumers:

Informed buyers make best consumers. Our methodology permits a proactive digression to vouching for uniformity of standards. We do not manufacture, repair, buy or sell any product we certify, but the products you buy or sell better and faster because of our certification system. You do not pay any extra for our seal on the product.

For Providers:

We have a proven and disciplined approach to develop, administer certify and assure utmost ease in transactions. We do not cater to any brand, but the brands you sell create unparallel value to the end user because of the trust we create by the third party independent warranty system. Our system is far more economical.