ABC is a public service, Licensing and Certification Company.

We are a consumer-centric entity and to maintain our neutrality, we accept no sponsorships or advertisement revenue from any of the players we work with.

ABC is a leader in certifications of pre-owned valuables such as Automobiles, Marine craft etc. Our certification services have now been expanded to include pre-owned residential habitable structures and its appliances. We generally do not create standards for certification ourselves, when these are freely available. We create the processes on how these standards shall be applied, before any certification is offered. We would like to use standards created by other certification agencies such as UL, Lloyds, ASTM, ISO, or Government bodies etc, as a platform to base our certification on. However, if these are not readily available, such as in pre-owned arena, these may be created by other nonprofit or civic bodies to fill-in that void. Relevant and specific data such as life spans, repair costs etc is provided to us by the manufacturers, independent laboratories, or other industry sources. We create the processes on how these performances shall be measured and how the evaluations shall be declared so that the certifications are as uniform and practical as feasible, given the wide array of the component conditions that we are presented with.

We control and license the marks to selected service providers, who agree to use our uniform system on how these shall be applied to the goods and services when offered to public. You may not know us, because we are not geared to work directly with the public. But you might know the marks for which we are known, through our licensees. Hopefully you find an insight into our philosophy, personality and approach to our brand. We continue to evolve as we venture into other virgin territories to sustain impact of value. Liberal use of these products is provided to most accepted industry players under a reasonable and effective license agreement to nonprofits, associations, large traders, and co-branding entities. You may download ABC service marks or logo for use in websites or other display if you are the purveyor of a product that has been certified to ABC standards by agreeing to ABC terms and agreement for use of ABC Marks or logos. We receive no other compensation from sellers and or buyers for each individual certification, when these are applied to the products, thus our seal adds no extra cost to the sale - purchase process. We insure that our standards are not being compromised and ensure compliance very stringently in our licensing processes which the market place has come to expect from us.

We work effectively when dealing directly with the State, larger group(s) and associations, etc as we continue to hone and improve the effectiveness of our certification programs. However, at present, the general public, end users and other interested parties may access or work within this program through their associations or industry groups. More outlets are continuously being sought and established.

Soon we shall unveil our next certification program for the airborne crafts, as we endeavor to uncover and establish our marks in other uncertain territories.

Our Latest Certification: Pre-Owned homes

ABC Pre-Owned property Certification includes the residential structures and its appliances. Currently only 1 to 4 family-use dwellings are being accepted in this program. It is intended that the program shall also undertake other types of larger properties in future.

Essentially the ABC Pre-owned property certification is a two step program: 1. First the home is inspected by a duly state licensed or accredited and qualified Inspector. 2. Then a warranty is placed on the home from a recognized carrier for a period of time, but no less than about 30 days. With these two steps, we are able to provide a complete review of the major components of the home and back it up with a warranty of performance for a period of time to the parties.

Until recently, typically most homes have been sold subject to a home inspection contingency. Essentially these pre-purchase home inspection reports are for the benefit of the clients ordering it to apprise themselves of the condition of the home. Due to the nature of the transaction, the loyalty of the inspector is towards one party, their client and hence the reports are mostly geared towards the perceived defects found in the inspection. These reports are then used to renegotiate the contracts. Rarely is there any emphasis on the attributes of the home. Without complete information about all the facets of the home the buyer is left with a skewed picture of the intended purchase. Unfortunately despite several State and other agencies trying to create a uniform standards of practice, for home inspections, in reality, no two home inspection documents on the same property look alike even on the reported segments, because there are no uniform standards of measurements applied therein. Unlike, a mere home inspection which is conducted for the benefit of one party ordering it, ABC pre-owned home certification is for the benefit of both parties regardless of who had ordered it.

Most states have some sort of certification and or warranty program applied to the sale of new home, which are pursuant to some inspections and binders from a warranty company. ABC pre-owned property certifications tends to mimic the widely accepted certifications for new homes, except that it is applied to pre-owned homes. While pre-owned automobiles are certified and warranted nationwide, pursuant to an inspection but until recently there has been no such widely accepted program for pre-owned homes. ABC pre-owned property certification is just like any other certification that you see for an expensive valuable like a pre-owned auto, or a boat etc.